The Relentless Pace of Life can Stifle Creativity and Undermine Happiness and Wellbeing – But it Doesn’t Have To Be this Way

By Danny Penman The doctor sat opposite the elderly Jewish lady and her daughter. He had some bad news. The blood drained from the old woman’s face and she began scratching at her head once again. Both women looked desperately tired and worried. It … Read More >>

3 obstacles your kids face when meditating (and what to do about them).

By Chelsea Leger Every week I see new articles promoting mindfulness for children. As someone who has heralded this cause for more than a few years, I’m excited to see schools, child-care facilities, and parents recognizing the importance of … Read More >>

Mindfulness as the Wisdom of No Escape

By Ira Rechtshaffer

The practice of ‘being’ is a very rare activity. Very few human beings in our postmodern world understand or appreciate the value of sitting attentively in silence and stillness. Mindfulness … Read More >>

Don’t Give Up! Four Stages on the Path of Mindfulness

By Amy McMillan

Mindfulness is becoming more popular day by day.  Often viewed as a panacea for every mental and physical ailment, it seems that there is nothing it can’t help.  However, before jumping onto … Read More >>

Interview with Suryacitta

Suryacitta, also known The Happy Buddha, began practicing mindfulness meditation in 1989 and started teaching in 1996.   He now teaches mindfulness meditation in Leicester, the East Midlands and nationwide. He runs workshops and … Read More >>

Responding Not Reacting: Mindfulness Lessons From The Martial Arts

By Robert Plotkin Most of my exposure to mindfulness has been through my study of martial arts. I was introduced to martial arts in, what I have learned, is a very common way: as a result of getting beaten up in the fifth grade.  It was a … Read More >>

When the World is Too Much With Us: Do Just One Thing

By Alex Ratcliffe Do you know the old joke/story: “Why worry? There are only two things to worry about…” Well, no, there aren’t. There are an infinite number of things to worry about. And they will never end. You can group worries into … Read More >>

Nothing stays as it is, everything changes and mindfulness is the gift that helps us accept that

By Singhashri Gazmuri Here's a truth. If you think you've got it wrong, you're right. You've got it wrong. You've got it absolutely wrong. I learned this hard truth at age 16 when the relief of death finally came for my mother - and for me. We … Read More >>