The Moods of Others: A Study of Grumpiness

By Marvelline Dealing with unpleasant emotions of others is not always easy – especially when it comes to people who are highly sensitive. According to author Elaine N. Aron, 15-20% of humans are genetically destined to be HSPs (Highly Sensitive … Read More >>

Mindfulness And The Power Of Appreciation

By Alex Ratcliffe Not long ago in my capacity as a classroom teacher, I gave an assembly to the whole school on the topic of “Appreciation”, a quality which I saw could perhaps be, well, more appreciated amongst the young people I was teaching and … Read More >>

The 7 Habits of Highly Mindful People

By Mellissa O'Brien The intention to live a more mindful life is continuing to grow and touch an increasing amount of people. In fact 2014 was been dubbed ‘the year of mindful living.’ May 2015 only grow and deepen this mindful revolution and … Read More >>

Why Mindfulness Needs Kindness

By Sheila Bayliss   When I first started practising mindfulness, I hit a bit of a roadblock when it came to the part about letting unpleasant feelings be there. Not trying to change things that were unpleasant just felt plain wrong.  You … Read More >>

Christmas Haste

By Marvelline December really is the ideal month to observe yourself mindfully when undergoing stress. There are deadlines. There are important birthdays to remember. And do not get me started on Christmas preparations. Think about it. When … Read More >>

A (mindful) party for one!

People live or spend time alone for all kinds of reasons; some by choice, some by circumstance. Some hate to be alone, while others relish the freedom that solitude brings. The chances are that at some point in our lives we will find ourselves alone … Read More >>

Mindfulness and the Stress Threat

By Marvelline   Last Thursday I decided it was a smart idea to check my phone during a 5-minute break in the stress reduction course I am attending. It was a terrible but, in retrospect, hilarious mistake. Here I am paying for an 8-week … Read More >>

Christmas – Making the Most of the Crunchy and the Smooth

By Kellie Edwards   We all know that Christmas can be a mixed blessing. There can be moments of great joy and celebration. And also more stress and strain than other times of the year….. for so many reasons. A friend of mine loves saying … Read More >>