How I Began My Practice In My Car

This blog from Joree really typifies what we are trying to be about at Everyday Mindfulness: ordinary people doing their best to bring more mindfulness into their lives. Joree Rosenblatt has a Master’s in Counseling Psychology and is … Read More >>

Never Turn Away

This is a powerful blog from Suryacitta discussing the importance of recognising our flaws and truly accepting them. We are all perfectly imperfect after all. Suryacitta Malcolm Smith runs MindfulnessCIC a non-profit company based in … Read More >>

Mellisa’s Video Testimonial

Mindfulness can be life changing. Here at Everyday Mindfulness, we want to start a series of video testimonials to the practice, where people talk about the positive impact that mindfulness has had on their life; I think that this is a really … Read More >>

7 Ways To Bring More Mindfulness Into Your Life Today

A fantastic blog from Melli about bringing mindfulness into our everyday lives. I urge you to check out Melli's other work, or come along and meet her in our forum. A regular sitting practice is a powerful ally on the path to mindful … Read More >>

How Far I’ve Come

Another powerful blog from Ruth, showing us the power of this practice to help us deal with the many challenges that life throws at us. I know how much mindfulness helps me to live with chronic illness; I don't know what I'd do without it. Ruth's … Read More >>

Mindful Eating

This is a great blog from Chris, who can be found on Twitter as @mindfulness_man. Eating is a great way to practise mindfulness, as it is something that we all do several times each day. I know that many people find it difficult to make the time … Read More >>